Aussie kids hear Småland stories

Students at Wangaratta District Specialist School in Victoria, Australia, got to hear about the work Sagomuseet does and some stories from sagobygden today. The school has been host to two nursing students from Härnösand, Amanda and Josefine, who as part of their practical work experience, came to Australia in february to work for three weeks as teachers aides.
Amanda read two stories from Sagomuseets book ”Det var en gång – Utflykt i Sagobygden”, Bolmens alla öar and Jättekastet,  translating into english as she read. She then read Bolmens alla öar in swedish and taught the kids some swedish greetings.
Despite the hot weather, Amanda and Josefine have enjoyed their working holiday in Australia and have even got a taste for a salty, black aussie sandwich spread called Vegemite which Amanda likened to Kalles Kaviar.
The girls will return home to Sweden on sunday.

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3 svar till “Aussie kids hear Småland stories

  1. Hilde Persson

    Hello, nice to har about Story tullinge in Australia. I would not mind going there now tonight we got 15 cm snow and yesterday it was minus 12 degrees Coldplay. All the best Hilde

  2. You and Rolf are always welcome down here Hilde. So cold for march.. its like it was 2 yrs ago. Hope spring comes soon. All the best to you too


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